Friday, March 29, 2013

Rotana, Contracts and Young Artists.

Shatha Hassoun renews her contracts with Saudi Rotana and expresses her love and admiration for the company and what it does. Shatha was pleased with the level of response she had for her debut album with the company. Rotana is pleased to be in the Hassoun business, she has shown herself as one of the most prolific names in pop music.

One of the most exciting voices in the Gulf belongs to Mansour Zayd from the United Arab Emirates. The company has produced her debut album and the young artists was impressed by the level of support his album has gotten. The new contract is singed and statements of mutual understanding and appreciation has been made. Mansour is working on his big album and has already worked with a dozen of artists.

La 7es Wala 5abar Mansour Zayed


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