Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Singing Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Dead Dies At 58

The Associated Press reports that Hugo Chávez, who led a leftist revolution and served as Venezuela's president for nearly 14 years, has died at 58 years old. Chavez had been fighting cancer since 2011, and had chosen Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro as his heir-apparent when it became clear that health concerns might force him from office.

Aside form everything, the Venezuelan president liked to sing in public, he loves Mexican songs and has performed around the world as part of his travel--at the UN he even sang. Seriously can you see an Arab leader doing the same thing no! Even President Obama sang in public and the internet loved him for it--some did not think it was presidential.

 Hugo has the singing voice, a very strong manly voice and a talent that exhibits his inner child. This is one thing that brought him closer to the people of Venezuela and the world. I recall at one time, there was a tension between his country and Mexico. Chavez took on the streets and sing a famous Mexican song.

The world will miss this singing president. Here's some of his finest public performances where he has put his heart on display. While his politics might not be missed, the cool president will be missed by those who have heard him sing.

Hugo Chavez sings with famous Mexican musician

Hugo Chávez canta en el Balcón del Pueblo Palacio de Miraflores Caracas Venezuela Regreso de Cuba

SINGING CHAVEZ - Hugo rocks Moscow

Hugo Chavez Singing in UN

Hugo Chávez singing


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