Monday, March 18, 2013

WATCH: Awakening Talent Contest Wants You!

If you think you are a good moral person, and someone who likes to listen to music promoting spirituality an positive outlook, maybe you have another talent that can offer something fresh. I come to admire the work they do, the level of professional and tech savvy the company has and most of all their lineup of sensational voices and rock stars.

This is way the London based music label Awakening has launched launched Awakening Talent Contest where grand prize is signing contract with Awakening. Find the Press release here

Launch video is here by the Judging Committee members (including Hamza Namira & Maher Zain):
This is a high quality production company that makes money but also promotes positive message. Who knows, where your talent and skill will take you?

While the Awakening Records label makes music geared toward Muslims, their contest is open to anyone who has talent, regardless of faith, gender, age or race. I know there are so many talented buried out there, it's time to give them a hand and if they are good, I am certain they will get a call. There are so many Islamic stories, and teachings that need to be told and music is the right universal tool to communicate what Muslims hold as valuable with the masses. 

Give it a try and share your talent, maybe this contest will unlock your potential and unleash your creative juices. Keep on mind, this is not always about being cool, but rather about doing well by being good.  

Awakening Talent Contest - Launch Video by the Judging Committee | #Awakening