Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WATCH: President Obama Is Coming Obama Jay أوباما جاي #Palestine

Activist in Palestine are poking fun of president Obama's visit to the West Bank, they are not mean or anything  just sarcastic at the man who comes offering nothing and changing little. They are bored and it's all a fair game to recount some of the pains people of Palestine live through daily.

This is a humorous song with, welcome Obama! The Ramallah activists are smart too, you can hear a voice in English saying, "I have seen enough, I must go, wait for peace" The biggest expense for the music video was the car rental where the actor playing president Obama rides.

The song talks about the crossing or military checkpoint separating Jerusalem from Ramallah or the west Bank. I like the geek guy with glasses, he might have his fans around the world as those geeks have a league of their own. It's sad, but true, this trip came form nowhere in a time where the peace process has not gone anywhere in five years.

Obama Jay أوباما جاي


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