Friday, March 8, 2013

Colorful Egyptian Star Sandy At A Cairo Parks

Sandy Color Festival At Al Oroba Parks Cairo — with Housam Badran, Islam Mostafa and Sandy Singer at El Oroba Park. This is a festival that goes on every year and Sandy is a repeat offender, she is demanded by the concert goers who like a little bit of candy with their music.

She really knows how to work up an audience, little girls and grownup men line up to hear and see her perform her act. If you ever doubted the size of her stardom  then look again, see the size of this audience who risk much to be in attendance.

Aside from this huge engagement, Sandy has been celebrating with Yahoo their 18th birthday. Other than the chaotic stage and too many important young people, the concert was HOT

@Fox Eyes Photography - Sandy - Collection From Hakuna Matata 5 Colour Festival


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