Friday, March 15, 2013

Video: Japanese Beautifully Cover Classic Arabic Songs

They have nailed the song on its head, and the music is so close to the real thing. I have never thought Egyptian music would be something that the people of japan care for, but things you learn. This is an ensemble of four ladies including the vocalist.

The Arabs is pretty decent. I think so far the have performed Oum Kalthoum songs. For a long time, bands and artists have performed songs in languages they do not speak as natives. The band behind the songs take the name "Le Club Bachraf" playing oud, nay and darboukka. Japanese singer Nao Koyasu sings Arabic songs "Inta Omri" and "Lissa fakir" of great Oum Kalsoum. These videos are from their concert in Cairo, Egypt, country of origin.

Le Club Bachraf ft. Nao Koyasu - Inta Omri : Japanese singer Nao Koyasu sings "Inta Omri" composed by Muhammad Abdelwahab / Le Club Bachraf Concert in Cairo 2012 at Beit el Umma(Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center), Cairo, Egypt, August 11th 2012 / Yoshiko Matsuda(Oud), June Chikuma(Nay), Chisato Yagi(Derboukka), Nao Koyasu(Vocal) / Presented by JSPS(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Cairo Research Station(Director: Dr So Hasegawa)

 / 子安菜穂、カイロでインタオムリを熱唱(ロングバージョン15'59") / ウンム・カルスームの名曲インタ・オムリ(ムハンマド・アブドゥルワハーブ作曲) / ル・クラブ・バシュラフ・エジプト公演2012 カイロ・サアド・ザグルール文化センター 2012年8月11日(土) / Le Club Bachraf:竹間ジュン(ナイ), 松田嘉子(ウード), やぎちさと(ダルブッカ), 子安菜穂(ボーカル) / Enta Omri / 日本学術振興会カイロ研究連絡センター主催(長谷川奏センター長)

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أنت عمري الفرقة اليابانية Le Club Bachraf - Japanese ensemble - Inta Omri

لسه فاكر الفرقة اليابانية Le Club Bachraf - Japanese ensemble - Lissa Fakir


  1. I real am happy to hear this wonderful group singing: I am also another foreigner who sings Om Kalsoum songs as well as Flamenco, another difficult kind of music, as I am American. It takes a strong love of the music that isnt your origin nor language. And a lot of effort, but it is also difficult for non Americans to sing. I sing flamenco and learned from the best artists that were living, started with country music, blues, rock, including Elvis Presley style. I was with Elvis personally, & Johnny Cash in my home town,Jax,Fl.USA a priviledge, he was unique, as was Om Kalsoum, and admire other foreigners whose love for the music made them spend time,effort, and sacrifice like I did & continue doing. Moreen Silver Maria la Marrurra