Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bipolar Ehab Tawfik The Saint vs. The Party Guy

Most artists have to put on a face and smile even though they are hurting in the inside, they are under constant spotlight and anytime they say something, someone somewhere will write something. But one of my favorite stars, the cool pop guy of the nineties is none other than Ehab Tawfik.

While he is not bipolar or anything, his musical choices are so. To elaborate, Ehab Tawfik can do only two songs. One is happy because he loves some girl, that means we get a dance intense song. And the other song, the one he makes about girl that left him or would not marry him. We would tear up for that one.

Any  album he makes, you get 8 songs, 6 happy and 2 really sad and dramatic tracks. This is what we have to expect form Ehab. Does he make other songs? No. But he has made religions songs that did not make any impression on any of us.

He is still scouting out new songs, but he has changed homes, he now lives in Qatar not Egypt and hopes to stage a comeback this year. For the past four years his star has faded away with more and and more talented young artists jumping in.

Lately, I cannot make up my mind on Ehab, one day he all spiritual, talking regrets  and the next he is doing some party in the States. So he might be bipolar as he is often contradicting himself. I am grownup and I know he has to pay the bills so music is a job, not a lifestyle for him.  He was in America few months ago, and pictures at his party were fun, he was modest, but his concert goers went there for a good time, not a worship service.

Find below one of his happy go lucky beach songs.

Ahla Menhom - Ehab Tawfik احلى منهم - حفله - ايهاب توفيق


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