Friday, March 8, 2013

The Boot Camp Phase On X Factor With Elissa

Elissa is making waves on X Factor and she wears different hats. I have followed the show and saw her be kind sometimes, helping the little guy and she has also been tough. I like her realist approach and commentary....sometimes she says yes, but you must know you need to be better. She provides a voice of reason.

A balance is good, you do not want a judge who judges on case to case, not to be always nice or just flat out mean. I am unclear on what will happen next, but I know Elissa will be working with the young women groups coaching them to compete with them. Carole will take the bands and group performers. Hussein and Wael will supervise other groups.

For the most part X Factor has been a big success and the media loves the show and its format. There have been very talented names and little drama and bad press. I would say this is a professional show with an A team of executives. The panel of judges seem to be best of friends  which is a great start, something Arab Idol is struggling.

النتيجة النهائية لاليسا في نهاية المعسكر - The X Factor 2013

التصفيات الاولي لاليسا في المعسكر المغلق - The X Factor 2013


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