Thursday, March 7, 2013

WATCH: Sallamta Albeh - GD & Woroud - جورج دفوني وورود - سلمتا قلبي

Here's a fun music video for a romantic song that was recorded in New York with Lebanese pop sensation GD. But he is not the only voice, we get to hear a new star Woroud as a musical guest. GD directed this music video in the New York area and the music video tells his love at first sight. Filmed at the Trump's most celebrated hotel, Taj Mahal. The song was released in time for Valentine day, and now w see the music video. As the title suggests, "To Her, I have surrendered my heart to her"

I like the belt and the bodyguards. This song is about memories and the one person that's hard to forget. We neither forget it, nor do we forgive ourselves. Most names attached to the song and the music videos are either Arab or Arab-Americans. This is a beautiful collaboration coming from North America to the motherland-reversing the trend. GD has helped many Lebanese celebrities come to America for concerts, now his music is carrying him home through the social media and radio stations.

A great deal of time o filmed inside a casino with the high rollers. GD looks the part and has done a great job putting this music video together.The acting is pretty convincing. Both artists seem to have on camera and off camera chemistry. Together they have captured the joy of being in love, having a mutual song that evokes the sweetest of memories.  This would be a fine song to enjoy live on stage, I know this Lebanese American romance has its unique appeal.

Sallamta Albeh - GD and Woroud - جورج دفوني وورود - سلمتا قلبي


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