Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WATCH: Rakan "Shelmatloub" - Soon | راكان "شالمطلوب" - قريباً

The coolest and happiest Saudi strikes again, and he returns with a new teaser for an upcoming music video for his hit song "Shelmatloub" It's all about looking hip, sounding happy and dancing your bum off in the world of Saudi pop star Rakan.

He is the youngest and perhaps the freshest music video star in the conservative kingdom  It's no surprise that most of his music videos are filmed in Dubai. The teaser is rue to spread joy everywhere it goes. I love the urban and graffiti rich music video. The cool drums and the dancers all over the music video.

As for the outfits, they may have been purchased from some mall in downtown Philadelphia. This is how trendy kids in the Gulf are, and they only wear the best brands. Rakan is rocking the Arab fro look and he seems to have survived all the critics.

Rakan "Shelmatloub" - Soon | راكان "شالمطلوب" - قريباً


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