Monday, March 18, 2013

3 Minutes With Bahaa Sultan

As all the young men of a certain age will tell you, Bahaa is a professor of love. He is the dude we all sat around him listening to him sharing his wisdom on relationships. Unlike many of her peers in the pop music scene Bahaa does not dumb down the complexity of love.

He makes bitter songs and sweet ones but they are all wise tracks. You need that kind of life lesson. Life is not always happy, it's not always tragedy. It's a mix of both. Bahaa and his brain--Nasr Mahrous always make sure to put everything together by understanding the different components of a song and how they are arranged.

Once one is able to do this, you can combine everything musical into a complete song. The result is creating something catching and that everyone wants to remember. Knowing what it takes to make a good song is the first theory towards success as a songwriter.

Once you have the lyrics in place, you need to arrange the rest of the piece so that it fits together correctly. If you move through other pieces of music, notice that it is not just the lyrics that keep everything moving. There is also an identification of other types of instruments that work to support the song. Nasr knows how to custom design all those affects to make them fit the artist he works with.

Bahaa' Sultan " mayrodesh " / " بهاء سلطان " مايردش

Bahaa' Sultan " 3 da2ye2 " / " بهاء سلطان" 3 دقائق


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