Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jaroudi Media Attracts Talented Arab Singers

A business man with the name Youssef Jaroudi wanted to produce Lebanese entertainment so, he started a production company and went on to sing few names from home. Voices that can add to the Lebanese music scene.

Jaroudi Media will be working and investing in music, music videos, lyrics composing, and music arrangements. So, a number of B list and otherwise talented singers have singed up with Jaroudi. While mos production companies have shut down for the moment, Jaroudi is hoping to make a profit where others have failed. 

The founder seems fond of orchestra music and good times songs from Lebanon, among their biggest finds is collaborating with the iconic composer/singer Samir Sfier on two songs that will be releasing soon. Jaroudi's mantra is quality over quantity, music that promotes peace and harmony.

I am uncertain how profitable/how busy the company will be, but I like what they are trying to accomplish. They have already made two amazing music videos....

Clip George El Rassi - Temro2 Tetghandar 2012 - جورج الراسي تمرق تتغندر كليب


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