Thursday, March 14, 2013

WATCH: #Egyptian Short Film "Youm Sa3b" "فيلم "يوم صعب

This is indeed a hard day, but this is also a movie that was made about the January 25th revolution of Egypt . A comedy about Mubarak. The old man who can get away with many things and blame it on age. While the film is supposed to be about Egypt, it's loaded with sexual references. And that's what sells in Egypt, never mind what they say in public.

"A Hard Day" is the title, and counts various stories about the political stalemate in Egypt at the moment, but the focus is on the people who tell the stores not the events themselves. There are too many odd characters  like the guy who seems to be from the  "Saw" franchise.

Thugs, torture, and women caught in the crossfire are all common tale we have heard form the Egypt, now we get to see them blended together. The short pokes fun of Mubarak, has kind word for the revolution, but it's entertaining.

"Youm Sa3b" The Movie - "فيلم "يوم صعب


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