Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Raining Cats And Dogs For Egyptian Kids الكات والدوج - مجد القاسم ·

Magd AlKasem is a Syrian singer who was a big deal 17 years ago. He is still out there based in Egypt hoping to score a big hit, so far he has not. But his music career where he composed songs is doing fine. He has not said anything about Syria, which is something smart.

It seems he is now trying to make music for kids--he has few of his own. So he made a song about cats and dogs where his kids also star in the music video on his side. The song has dogs, cats and a monkey  This is a low budget song with a cheap music video.

Toward the end of the song, the two siblings talk about how much they love soccer--sure the boy likes one team and the girl likes another. Both are fans of Al Ahly and Al Zamalik, and they fight each time there is a game. Majid tries to mediate. I like the concept and I am sure the little oens will enjoy the cat and dog one

El Cat Wel Dog - Magd Alkasem الكات والدوج - مجد القاسم ·


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