Monday, March 25, 2013

البوم مجد القاسم - عيد ميلاده Download: Maged Al Qasem New Kid Birthday Album

Cats, dogs, holidays, soccer, little siblings,, birthday party and the Eid. Are all the common theme of a new pop album meant for kids bought by their parents. The artist behind this album is Magid Al Qasem, the Syrian composer-cum singer.

He recorded his album with the help of his kids whose voices are part of the album. The album comes after years of work and delays. The artist got sick of the too many delays and let his album get a release date. He worried the music will be dated if the album does not get launched soon enough.

On other news, the artist thought the children of Arabia could use such an album at those dark times. I only hope the album is well-made. Cheap work does not hang around for long. This album has been recorded in Egyptian studios where Maged works and lives. He is trying to make a go of his career with the help of the little ones. As you can see there's a lot of green room affects, and little kids just standing in there.

Al Qasim is hardly the first pop star to do an album for children, but he is the first to do so this year. I wish the album and the artist well.

01 - El Cat Wel Dog
02 - Zamlkawy We Ahlawy
03 - Eid Melado
04 - El Kedb Haram
05 - El Seboaa
06 - Takh Tekh
07 - Bravo Aliek
08 - Reyady
09 - Nefsak Eah
10 - Akhoya We Okhty
11 - Gana El Eid

El Cat Wel Dog - Magd Alkasem الكات والدوج - مجد القاسم


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