Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Listen: Ommi - Mother. [Full translation And Vivian Mrad's Version فيفيان مراد أمي

The most surprising mother song of the year has to be the one with Vivian Mrad playing a Marcel Khalife song. You cannot relive the oldies, but you can breath a new air into them and bring in new fans to enjoy the classics.

Marcel's original song is timeless, I miss my mother's bread and her coffee. Most Arabs memorize this song from the activist singer and gifted musician who has traveled the world and performed at the most prestigious music venues.

Vivian Mrad is a pop diva with a warm voice, and this song shows she has some real talent. Aside form her dance songs, and gorgeous Photo-shoots, she can rock. I love the lute bit in both versions. Vivan's lasts for under three minutes, the original goes for more than nine.

Vivian really outdoes herself her and goes the length to show how much she loves two things, the first is her mother and the second this song which is for mothers.

فيفيان مراد أمي

Marcel Khalife - Ommi - Mother. [Full translation/


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