Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Serious Egyptian Films Sections in Aisle 6

Egyptian cinema has not made a good movies in ages. Instead they opt out to make either silly blockbuster action movies or even sillier comedies. There are few exceptions of course, "Birds of the Nile", "Rasyel Albahir" of this year are promising movies. It's true while neither of those movies were smashing success, they have won over critics in about every film festival.

But this year is not over yet and the best of Egyptian cinema seems to be out. The provocative new movie "Lust" a tale of poverty, morals, and the complex web of human relationships. From the looks of the trailer this is on its way to be one of Egypt's most honest movies in decades.

Ruby or Roubi the popular and dance famous pop singer co-stars in this movie with a strong cast of Egyptian actors and actresses who want to show off their acting chops. I also like Susan Bader who is never shy to take on a challenging role as she seems to have transformed herself to play this darker character.

This is a movie that I look forward to watching as Egypt can never win an award in film making if they continue to obsesses about making movies that won't tarnish the image of Egypt and public perception. In essence, Egyptian film makers need to be a bite more honest in their portrayal of their beloved country. A dose of realism is what Lust seems to be going for.

Alshoq "Lust" 2010 Trailer تريلر فيلم الشوق


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