Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When Men Sing Like Chicks

There are people out there who believe that men are becoming chicks in that regrd as being soft and less masculine. That was the first thought I had when I listensd to this music video. Nothing against the young man here, but it seems he is trying to appeal to those younger guys who listen to Tamer Hosny and others. Sure W'alashan Artah is a good music video, it has the model and a bit of fashion, a breakup song has...but I am sure the ladies watching this...will say whatever happens to the men of this universe?

Looking at the credit, the singer dedicates this music video for his parents, nice really. But I am sure there are not too thrilled about their son singing like their daughter. On another note, the singer does have charm for a role in a movie.

Mohamed El Toukhy - W'alashan Artah / محمد الطوخي - وعلشان أرتاح

If you are still not buying my assertion, here is a video interview with the same singer, listen to to his singing and you be the judge.


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