Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Layla Ahmed Zaher, Child Star enters the Stage

Layla Ahmed Zaher, is the newest Arab child star....she is staring along side Big names in MoHtaram Ella 1/4 a comedy about a bachelor and many adventures in the land of women.

Egypt gives many of those child stars and many former child stars that never go away and continue to make movies and much more. This Egyptian little girl has what it takes, you love her the moment you see her, her energy tells you "I am here to stay" and she has the charm and the chemistry with the other stars.

Upon watching the music video promoting the upcoming movie, I realize it's Layla Ahmed Zaher the star of the show and everyone will be talking about how cute she it. Good job, and hope her family has better parenting skills than many celebrity parents in Hollywood lack.

Cannot wait to see the movie, the clips in the music video make it seem promising wholesome entertainment for the entire Arab family.

Layla Ahmed Zaher - Katakito Bonny / ليلى أحمد زاهر - كتاكيتو بني


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