Friday, November 26, 2010

"Bon Swareeh" The All Female Cast

I like spoof, I enjoy satire and I love a good farce....I am big on music and when you get me music and mix it with a good spoof I am in cloud 9.

Ghada Abdel Razik, the most popular TV actresses turned mega star is out promoting her new movie (Bon Swareeh) out in mid Dec of 2010....she sings and the song plays like a joke. Like most viewers I enjoy a good joke and the joke even funnier if told by a pretty lady. That's what Bon Swareeh does, it gives you jokes told by a pack of funny female leading ladies of Egyptian cinema.

If you are familiar with Egyptian folklore, you will enjoy the beat, if you a re hip dude and like to drop English words in your conversations, you will also find this song funny. If this movie succeeds commercially, this will be one of the few leading male-free film to become a box office. We do not know if this movie will be well received by movie goers. But if the film does make a good return on investment, 2011 will be a promising year for female leading roles.

غادة عبد الرازق الهانس فى الدانس

ادة عبد الرازق الهانص فى الدانص

كليب غادة عبد الرازق الهانس فى الدانس من فيلم بونسوارية بطولة مروى اللبنانية و مى كساب و حسن حسنى .. انتاج محمد السبكى , اخراج احمد عواض , يعرض 22


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