Monday, November 22, 2010

Rabi'e Al-Asmar Takes on the High Maintenance

Fewer Arab voices are unique as the voice of Rabi'e Al-Asmar, the voice that has a brand of its own. As we have known him with his unique style of Shami folksy singing and old school music and very very powerful lyrics delivered in manly style.

Rabi'e caught his biggest fame in singing along Najwa Karam, the Lebanese queen of Mountain style sining, Rabi'e voice was assured to make it big once he made his appearances with Ms. Karam. Before then Rabi'e was just a good voice and only known to a dozen of people. Then Rabi'e caught another break he voiced the popular TV show Bab AlHarah, which means he was in every Arab home.

Rabi'e latest song is Bint Al akabir which will be embraced by almost all single Arab men and any other man who has a failed relationship. High Maintenance families and ladies is the subject of this song where the dude is not good enough or maybe he is just not goos enough in his mind. It was a surprise hit from the man who has been dominating his genre and capturing the hearts of men and women alike.

Rabi'e Al-Asmar Bint Al-Akabir ربيع الأسمر - بنت الأكابر


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