Monday, November 15, 2010

How Much Do Arab Singers Make?

I know the Eagles are the most expensive act to book followed by the Rolling Stones. But how about Arab entertainers. I have always wondered about the fees Arab singers charge to headline a concert in the busy holiday season. Clearly the rates change based on the venue, the size of the crowds and the country where the concert will take place. Of course the entertainer's fees go up during the holiday season due to the demand. In Arabia, you can define the holiday season as being:
  1. The two Eids (Al-fittir, Al-Adha)
  2. Christmas & New Year
  3. Valentine
  4. Graduation Ceremonies where colleges organize concerts
  5. National Holidays that varies by country
So here is the list as been circulating aLinkround:

  1. Nancy Ajram charges $50K per concert
  2. Wael Jassar settles for $30 K a pop
  3. Hiafa Wahbe, can be booked forLink $60KLink
  4. Mohamed Hamaki charges 250 K Egyptian PoundsLink5,000 Egyptian Pounds ($43,4 K)
  5. Esam Karika goes for $10K
  6. Rola Saad takes in $30 K in fees. She is sorta of Haifa-ish
  7. Wael Kfoury fees total $25K
  8. Dina, Egypt number one belly dancer charges $55K
  9. Samo Zain, now charges $50K
  10. Mostafa Amar services can be secured for the price of $30K
  11. Majid Al Muhandis fees are $55K per concert
  12. Baha'a Sultan charges the least as you can get him for $5k
  13. Abu Eleef, now charges $10K per concert, his fee before his album used to be only $500
Who would you want to book this season?

[7ata Tip to Masrawy]


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