Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remixing Elissa is Still HOT

Elissa is a hit maker and very few Arab stars have been this consistent in their solid albums. Ever since she came to the spot light in 1999, she has never disappointed. Every single album she has put out, was well received and had new material that helped further establish Elissa as a queen of feelings from Arabia.

Elissa might be a bit reserved and uptight sometimes, but that does not take anything from art and her music. Think about it in more than 11 years she had 7 albums and each one of them was either very good or excellent. But in the past 5 years the music in Elissa'a albums has gotten even better. Her lyrics have always been easy to digest, her emotions has always found their way to your heart. And now she has been taking on matters few Arab singers dare to touch, namely domestic violence where in one of her songs she just leaves...she does not stay on with her lover...she just ends it right there...few Arab women can afford to do that...Elissa tells them they might want to consider it.

Elissa Sallemli Alaih Remix WITH ENGLISH LYRICS 2010 اليسا


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