Thursday, November 25, 2010

Toni Qattan is ill, Wish Him Well

Toni Qattan is a source among many Jordanians as he seems to be the first mainstream good looking male to make it big in the music scene in Arabia. He is a charming young voice that seems to be well liked by the youngsters and the ladies for his looks and the type of songs he chooses. When he is not singing for his loved one, Toni is celebrating his country Jordan, writing a song for Palestine or headlining a concert. He has one asole album that he's released in 2008 to a resepctable reviews.

Toni has been somehow missing from the scenes for about a year and his fans started to ask the inevitable question about his whereabouts. Well, Khabar 3ajil reports that Toni is actually sick and has been staying home or in the hospital to get treatment. The revelation states that Toni has some liver dysfunction that might be due to his family history. The news were made public on the popular talk show of Mazin Diab whose friendship with Toni allowed him to break the news. Fans and Jordanian stars were shocked and wished him well and a speedy recovery. few even donated blood units (O+) to Toni.

for more of his music videos and songs click here

Toni Qattan - Rah Terja' Falastin / طوني قطان - رح ترجع فلسطين


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