Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cool Palestinian Kid of 1994

Raed Kabha is the number one selling artists in Palestine who fires up all dudes wedding parties (women stay on the roofs of nearby buildings) across the cities and towns of Palestine. He is the go to guy, if you want a bash like no other. The guy who sang about pretty much everything and anything Palestine, the man that is booked months in advance to headline wedding concerts....

But he was the first to take onto the music video phenomena and made a music video for his all time favorite song Ya Hilwa Sharqy. He was the first all Palestinians singer to come out with a music video for a love song. Many music videos has been made for Palestine. Raed makes them from Palestine for the world. He does even have few fans in Syria and Lebanon area where Raed's style thrives. Most Palestinian men like to dance, these especially love to shake it to the tunes of Raed and his band.

I salute Read for being hip smart and bold in his approach to music in Palestine, more so than his relative Shafiq Kabah who came out before Raed. It really takes a lot of a man in a male dominated society to make something that can backfire, Raed did not care, he is a singer in Palestine...there is nothing he has not seen.

He has gotten older now and thus he is introducing his son to his craft, singing along the next generation of Kabha's. Again, this family thrives in the beat of the drum, where are are in for a ride.
رائد كبها كليب يا حلوي شرقي..1994


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