Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Ladies Man of Arabia

Box office mega star Ahmad Eiz (أحمد عز) is out with a new movie that might proof not only that he is best looking Arab actor, but also that he is the most charming in the bunch.

The trailer for his upcoming movie "365 Sa'adah" or 365 of Joy got some sizzle and then some. In the trailer you see Ahmad Eiz styling his best outfits and unloading lots of charm, charisma and good looks. You will see dozens of gorgeous women, a few funny sidekicks and strong cinematography. I enjoyed the one line zingers, the cars and the nice houses.

My only critique is this movie seems to be to unreal in terms of the streets and places of Cairo the director chose for his set. Not knowing this movie was set in Egypt, you will think this is happening in some Orange County city for real. But other than that the movie will earn your money and deliver you some laughter and sizzle.

365 of Joy is directed by Said Marouq, the biggest name in making Arabic music video who is attempting to break into the motion pictures business in the footsteps of Michal Bay, the American director whose name was best known for making music videos. One side note, both directors worked together as Said Marouq was an assistant director to Michale Bay in the set of Transformer 3.

365 سعاده بطولة احمد عز

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