Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Song Cabbies Would Appreciate

Mohamed Hassan is a fine young man, but he is not alone in thinking he can be a star. This is the trouble of modern give someone a computer, a camera a final cut pro, few buddies and toss in a guitar and you got yourself a music video that will hit the Arab airwaves. Someone will air it and all of a sudden you have a Facebook page and few fans. Then you sit at home waiting for the phone to ring offering you a concert or an album deal. Of course none of that will happen.

Arabic TV stations desperate for programming and anything to fill their time slots, would buy any music video, the music video from Mohamed Hassan is no different. But for entertainment value, I let you be the judge! But the singer does seem to have few fans, check him out on YouTube and see what you find.

كليب محمد حسن ناديت عليه Mohamed Hassan


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