Monday, November 29, 2010

Marwa Nasr, the Egypitan Artillary

With too many gorgeous females flockei9ng Egypt form Lebanon to become famous and hit it big...Egypt was absent in the gorgeous scene, they had female voices with good voices and others with excellent voices. But no Egyptian no home grown female voice can match the Lebanese beauty confidence and comfort in their own skin. Until she showed up and starting boosting the Egypt stocks of female songstresses. She is Marwa Nasr and she is All Egyptian. For those who followed the short career of Marwa knows that she is going to make it big....her fans adore her, companies and promoters ask her to guest their concerts and events. Marwa Nasr is the alum of the all popular Star Academy season 4, and she seems to built on that boast commercially.

I enjoy watching interviews with Marwa as she is as gracious as she is pretty. She does not fear what many other female singers from Egypt fear....she just does what she enjoys doing and seems to have managed to build up a name for herself. She has two albums under her belt and one coming soon. from that album comes this tease Mesh Marta7lo, the next big song from Marwa and her creative team. Check out her latest music video Habeit which won her some praises

I like the sound of the short tease for the upcoming song and hope Marwa fans go out and purchase her record not just download it becasue she needs to establish her marketing chops and the best way to do that is sell records. If we do not buy her records, she won't make any more music. By the way she has the coolest website I have seen for an Arabic star...check it out here

Marwa Nasr - Mesh Marta7lo / مروة نصر - مش مرتحالو


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