Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can a song heal a nation? Ask Hussam Alrassam

Hussam Alrassam is an Iraqi singer with some serious gut and the heart of a lion. As you know Iraq has seen some crazy violence for the past 7 years. But in the past few weeks with targeting Christians in Iraq and the death of scores of innocent Iraqis. Comes Hussam Alrassam delivering this song about national unity.

shaming the violence militants and calling them bluff, taking pride in being iraqi and being part of something greater. Hussam even takes on religion and calls on both Prophets Muhammad and Issa to come to the rescue as those militants are equal attacks of mosques and churches alike.

The poem is by Iraqi poet Ali Aldiwani. Read the comments on the video to see how united Iraqis are, how fed up they are with politics as usual. While they in Iraq might have a lot of disagree on, there's a lot more in common and a heck of lost at stake.

It does take a serious gut to put out such a song with powerful lyrics and catch Itaqi tune to help heal some hearts over the spilled blood. I salute Hussan for his courage, wisdom and timeless and timely massage.

حسام الرسام اضخم عمل وطني ابن الرافدين - Hussam Alrassam


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