Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Voice to Make a Believer out of You

It's hard to get excited about a nest voice in Arabia, it's even harder to get swept of your feet by a Gulf Dialect song. But I am excited to share this music video with you, it's few months old now, but it will be around for a while because of the magic and the story the music video presents.

Adel Mahmoud is the man of the hour, the voice worthy of angels. Adel can easily win you over with his voice and the passion it carries. His voice is sad, his song makes you want to shed a tear yet you never feel pathetic for doing so. In fact not getting emotional over this song is exactly the wrong thing to do.

The music is flawless, the music video director is master of her craft and yet Adel is just getting his feet wet. I know I have Adel's album and I have to say it's not just one good song or two or's a wonderful album simple as that.


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