Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dolly Shahin Goes up Few Notches

Dolly Shahine is an interesting Arab Starlet, more than a year ago, I wrote a piece about her being a weird Arab star (Read Here) and when her album came out a month ago, I was not racing to give it to listen. Then I found out she has a duet with Egyptian actor Sameer Sabri, and things got interesting, but I was not still interested. But then someone got a segment of her music that thought to be ripped from a hit song by Mohammad Hamaki. Then I went to get a copy of the CD and gave it a listen....

There is a French song, those Arabs who speak French will feel special because they song might put their language to good use. The Duet with Sameer Sabri is a treat, where Dolly talks to her father on her wedding's really cute and special. There are other good songs in there, one in Gulf accent and she did ok in that one. (Walla Betenhab, Wala Kol El Banat, Tooli Zahab, Nazarato) will be remembered by her fans. Yes, few Lebanese and Egyptian songs to entertain the masses.

Here is my thing, give Nazrato a listen, pay close attention to Dolly's voice at minute (1:16) where she shines and you get to see a rare glimpse of Dolly's good voice. Unfortunately, that voice has not been heard throughout the album. If I was Dolly Manager, I would try to get her to challenge herself and get better lyrics that can allow the starlet to channel the best of her voice that speaks to the heart.

Dolly Shahin & Samir Sabry Zay El2amar - دوللى شاهين وسمير صبرى زى القمر


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