Saturday, November 13, 2010

Loai, We Love a Good Comeback

In 2003, Loai had a smashing hit song Ah Ya Einy Ya Lyly and then ever since then he has not been able to get anyone's attention, He released at least two albums since wining the best New Arab singer for hit song. No one thought he could stage a comeback. Do not get me wrong his other stuff was fine but with the crowded voices and the explosion of the number of new albums Loai lost his voice and his brand. Yes, he still had presence in Egypt, but not anywhere else.

Loai has some fight in him and he released a song that played in the Egyptian movies about soccer saga "Al'alamy", or the International, a movie that came out in 2009/10. Baladna, was a hit song was a hit and made us remember why one loves his/her home country. Think of Baladna as the Arab response to the Rockey 4 theme song. The movie is surprisingly well made and the production is worthy of a Hollywood studio. You can tell that Loai worked hard for this comeback and he even worked harder to occupy the airwaves.

When we thought now Loai will go back and be forgotten, he proved us wrong and released Sama'ani that was well received by the fans and the new kids on Facebook...does he have the charm and the stage presence? See for yourself!

A chronicle of Loai's Career since summer of 2003

Loai - Samma3ni / لؤي - سمعني

Loai - Baladna / لؤي - بلدنا


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