Monday, November 29, 2010

Suzan Ghazal Blows Stuff Up

The idea that men like gorgeous women in skimpy outfits, fast bikes, and guns is so old, but that does not stop it from coming to life in Suzan Ghazal's debut music video. She comes with a tattoo and an attitude that screams I am ready to party.

To be honest Suzan Ghazal has a nice voice, but in all fairness, I did not listen to what she had to say, I only wanted to watch the music video. The music video makers have incorporated a number of techniques and actions sequences that are often reserved from cinema. I come to enjoy such music videos and hope to see a a second from the new star, but often this is not the case, as the Arab world is full of singers and one hit wonders who cannot translate their fame into commercial success.

With that, I won't be surprised if Suzan was offered to star in a movie. After all it seems the only way Arab entertainers nowadays make money is either by making a movie, singing at weddings or headlining a concert.

Suzan Ghazal - Meen Addy / سوزان غزال - مين قدي


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