Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The First Mainstream Egyptian Beer Song is Here!

Just when we thought we saw the end of sleazy songs....we get what seems to be like a sleazy movie and this movie defiantly has the sleaziest song. The song's title "I had 3 Stella beers", but that's not the worst....they song celebrates drugs and junkies. This is now making me think of California not an Arab and Muslim country like Egypt.

In this music video (it's really a promotional song) you can see beers, wine, drunk people, almost nakes belly dancers, a little girl dancing with her, horny men and drugs. Surprised? I would not be had this music video been labeled as for adults...but the fact that they are using a little girl to promote this movie about theme subjects shocks me.

It's a cool song that speaks the language of the streets that is almost universal....but is it proper to play for children? I know this is the sha'abi music, the kind that celebrates the simple folks and their simple life style, but this song pushes the envelop and it will only open the flood gate of beer and drug endorsements in the mainstream Arabic culture. This will also play on TV, not just cinema where they can ask for ID!

Some might see an upside of this stoner culture. For some the more they celebrate beer and drugs, the closer we get to achieving peace. I am afraid will have neither, but it's not just a song, it's a statement..

محمود الحسيني انا شارب تلاتة استيلا من محترم الا ربع


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