Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ramy Ayach: The Big Guy is BACK

The Arabian heartthrob is back to pamper you ladies of Arabia just he did in the 90s, only he is more mature and a bigger household name. He wants to be your man, your sugar daddy of sort...he releases a song that everyone loves, three days later comes the music video which takes the song into a new awesome one indeed.

I absolutely love the music and the beat, they do not make music like this anymore...Rami manged to find away to make good music that appeals to both men and women, to old and young....Ramy refuses to age, and refuses to settle for anything less perfection and that's what you will get in this music video which keeps simple, no distraction or boring stuff you came to to accept from Arabic pop music video, it keeps you moving.

And it doe snot hurt to incorporate few of the traditional Lebanese musical instruments. Here is the song, with passion Ramy you are pulled off one more time.....keep up the good work. Beautiful music video and landscape...worthy of this hit that will be playing around for a while. When you speak of using your feeling as an ink to draw hearts in the sun, and ask your loved one to more than love deliver both lines as a master of the craft.

Ramy Ayach - Efrah Fiki / رامي عياش - إفرح فيكي


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