Monday, November 1, 2010

Claudia El Shemali Is that You?

Claudia El Shemali was a huge stare in the late 90s, she was the hottest thing in her home Lebanon due to her catchy song. Claudia is pre-internet star and her stardom came at the same time Arabic cable TV were just getting started.Link

كلودا الشمالي - حبيب الروح

Then one day Claudia, the plumy Lebanese starlet vanished with no traces. No one heard anything about her, she has not talk to the media or made any TV appearance. Leaving her fans wondering if they will ever see her back with another song of the like of Habib Elroo'H

That's why it was a surprise for me to see her back with a new music video and a song that mimics her older work, the Lebanese style of strong voice and unapologetic in your face dialect. As why Claudia El Shemali decided to make a comeback now from her very long sabbatical.

titled Gareeb "Stranger" plays as a faily tale of the likes of a thousand night stories. Dazzling outfits, exotic dancers, servants, lavish palaces...etc. Claudia still maintains her full look, she has not tried to lose weight which is good in today's world. Good song, but doubt if it can live up in a world where Najwa Karam has rightfully dominated this style.


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