Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Melody Hits Brings Out the Eid Hits

Melody Hits is on fire, in one single day, they have released 4 new music videos....that's almost unheard of in the music business....the company does marketing like no other.

Here are the music videos for you and I hope you enjoy them...

Latifa - Einak Lebarrah / لطيفة - عينك لبره

No one but loves Latifa, the Tunisian lady that knows how to hold a note and deliver a dose of emotions unlike many. She can also offer wisdom and gets you excited like in "Inchallah" and "7abiby" I am not sure if she has a plan, but a Gulf Dialect might help her make advances in a new market that has loved her voice but not necessary her lyrics. I do like the band scene, I like the artists outfit and style. It's a good song giving that it's in Gulf dialect, that's a compliment. I know Latifa won't hear the end of it when it comes to her falling in love of a very young man.

Sandy - Hassal Kheir / ساندي - حصل خير

Egyptian fireworks Sandy knows her limits and knows very well who makes her stardom. In this song she is trying to be taking a bit seriously so she has a bit of sad song, something she has not done before. Yes she is cute, and has done a number of racy music videos, but she is back now with a new album. This music video starts with a product placement of some fragrance, a European model and the good looks of Sandy. There are wigs and makeup in progress. There is a line in the song where Sandy says, "I must change" I really think that's very true in this music video. I can also see some fine acting chops Sandy exhibits in this music video. I do like Sandy's attempt to re-brand herself, I only hope I am not alone.

Mohamed Attieh - Aleh / محمد عطية - أليه

Mohamed Attieh thought his stardom was guaranteed since he was a popular contest in Star Academy reality show. He has been MIA for about 4 years now, but he seems to be building his brand now. I think He has found himself in Funky Town and waving flags that always gets the fans excited. I like the surreal opening scene and the t-shirt affect. Not sure what to make of the Wizard of Oz like street scene. he soccer connection is well executed. The braided hair and clown are rather odd. Overall this is hip music video that sure excite little children and teenagers, the song might sit well with the older.

Diana Haddad - Magnouna / ديانا حداد - مجنونة

Dianna has not given us a song to be excited about since 2006 duet with Chab Khalid! Still focusing on the Gulf dialect, but that seems not to have earned her any favors. I will have to wait to see her back on the saddle because she has been great, but not lately. I like the colorful customs and outfits, the drums are awesome, and Diana seems to have only gotten younger and better looking This is the work of Waleed Nassif, the Arab director that has always had few trick up his sleeve and for some reason he has worked well with Diana


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