Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amal Hijazi, love, politics and spies

Amal Hijazi idea for an album cover was disastrous and made her look dark and creepy. Whoever told her she can use that cover should get fired. But her song to which she made a music video was a fresh of breather air, it reminded us of the Amal Hijazi of 2005 when she has Baya3 Alward

Amal walked the fine line between politics and romance where her loved one not only mean to her, but he a foreign agent who betrays his country and with that he also betrays Amal. Sure Amal has not been out for two years now since she released a song, but she seems to be on her way to reclaim her fame. In those two years Amal has a baby boy and her comeback is timely as she seems to hold unto her good looks and energy. The idea of the music video is sort of new as I do not recall an Arab singer ever doing such a theme. Of course Nancy Ajram before Amal has fallen in love with a resistance fighter (whose good looks are irresistible) Nancy becomes a spy to help her lover out. But here Amal has been tricked and cheated by this spy.

With that Amal does not hold back and tells her ex how shameful and wrong what he did and that God will deal with him for his sins. "Waylak Min Allah" is loaded with imagery and lines of wisdom and breakup lines. I like the part where he ex is taking pictures and the army shows up and confiscates his memory stick. I also give the crew credit for using real army jeeps.

Amal Hijazi Waylak Min Allah امل حجازي ويلك من الله


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