Monday, November 22, 2010

Mohamed El Maghraby is Trying to Sort it Out

Spanish guitar in the hand of novices may work for a while. Here is the song by Mohamed El Maghraby, the newest singer. Not sure how far can these new singers take their fame, but for now he has gotten few news headlines, mostly positive.

It seems to me, the real success for Arab singers is getting to headline or at least appeal in a concert. Not to sell records as those get pirated and not as to how many Facebook friends they have. These are all nice things to have, but if your records do not sell (at least 10,000 records) and you do not appeal on concert, you are not a success. Of course paid TV appearances are nice to have too.

Not sure if there is anything that sit Mohamed apart from the hundreds of Arab singers that more and more sounding the same now. I do like the voice of Mohamed El Maghraby, he sort of puts his energy into his music and in few seconds in the song you get to hear some good aspects voice. His fans insist that Mohamed El Maghraby sounds a lot better in live performances. Live is the real test as many Arab singers opt out for the playback and lip syncing. But I doubt if this will be enough to make a star. In the meantime we will enjoy his Haga Gededa, which mean something new.

Mohamed El Maghraby - Haga Gededa /

محمد مغربي - حاجة جديدة


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