Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fares Karam, Hookah Lovers Rejoice

The hippest Lebanese star, the man who knows who to get a party started, the man that can get the crowds dancing all over the floor and go wild is Fares Karam....the guy who sang for the mini skirt and put the entire middle east on fire. When he sang for ladies and makeup, then dirty old men and two summer ago he sang for home. This summer his album Alhamdillah came in time for most parties in the Middle East this past July.

But his song about the hookah, Argeelah, water pipe, or whatever you sure a hot find. Find Fares sitting in his small village, saluting the Lebanese army, women reporters, oum Kalthoom. If, it was not for cafes in little towns, where else an Arab man can relax and watch hotties smoking hookahs?

Fares Karem refuses to get old and he still got the and mojo to fire up the crowd.

Fares Karam - Ritani / فارس كرم - ريتني


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