Friday, November 12, 2010

Not Coming This Eid

Fans have been waiting the release of a number of much anticipated albums just in time for the Eid Holiday. But it seems that few singers will meet the deadline and release their albums for the who is delaying the release of their album till the Christmas/New Year holidays?

According to Elaph

  1. Amr Diab will not release his albumLinkbum in time for the Eid. The rumored album will feature 11 songs, five of which have already been recorded.
  2. Shreen Abdel Wahab has only six songs ready from her next album, so it won't be out to the nearest cassette store either.
  3. Amal Mahir, Egypt's closest voice that links her to the golden age. Amal's album will not come anytime soon, as this would be her first in more than three years.
  4. Khalid Ajaj has not released an album in more than four years, he has his album ready to go, but he is not releasing it as of yet.
  5. Mai Kassab, Egypt's equivalent of Kathy Perry has an album with 12 songs ready to go, but it won't be out for the Eid.
  6. Hamada Hilal has promised an album by the time of the Eid, but so far he has to deliver on his promise.
This seems to be an Egyptian phenomena as most of the singers on this list are with Allam Alphan, Egypt's power house music production company who seems to have rued that this season it too short to release anything new due to the going back to school season. I think fewer concerts are booked for the Eid and a lot more concerts take place during the New Year party. Needless to say, production companies now rely more on concert deals to make money than on making a profit on albums.


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