Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where has This Madeleine Matar Been Hiding?

This week was a good day for the fans of Madline Matar, as she is making her back to the foray of Arabic music with a smashing good's so good that it's making comparative Arab female singers envious of this hit. I like the mature voice that Madeleine exhibits's naturally to expect that a singer can make good songs, but with nowadays changing of talent and marketing, it seems to be especially hard

She has always bee a B list singer, but this song is defiantly the work of an A list singer, a singer striving to be taken seriously, a voice that shows so many things that have gone unnoticed for years.....the lyrics are the work of a genius...a brain that understands the working of the female mind, the loving female brain that it.

Whatever Madeleine Matar was sitting to do with the song she seems to have accomplished that, she is more than her good looks and cute music videos...she is a voice that commends respect and attention. It might be too soon by I think Madeleine has finally found her style, and her zen where she can sit herself apart for scores of other talented Arab voices.

تعالا على نفسك شوية واسال عليا
وإن كنت زعلتك في حاجة إنساها ليا
متغيبش يوم عني ... متشيلش يوم مني
فهمني غلطي وقلي بس عملت ايه

تعالا شوف بعنيك في بعدك ايه بيجرى
بموت بدال المرة في اليوم الف مرة
حاسة إني مش عايشة ... وبجد ليك وحشة
أيامي وانتة بعيد أعيشها لمين وليه .....

كلمني أسمعلك ... إندهلي ارجعلك
تجرحني مش خايفة... ده انا خايفة على زعلك
لو خدتني بذنبي.... وتقسى على قلبي
ديه قسوتك أحن من بعدك عليه

بهرب أنا من الناس وأخبي دموعي فيا
مش عايزة حد يشوفني يتصعب عليا
الوقت أهو بيجري... إرجع عشان خاطري
واللي غلطت فيه.... ياريت تسامحني فيه

Madeleine Matar مادلين مطر - كلمني اسمعلك


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