Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Hip Guy from Tunisia

Ahmed El Shareef an almun of reality show Star Academy took his fame far. He made a number of music videos, recorded and released a number of albums and even starred in a movie where he played himself.

He is a handsome man who dresses well and carried his weight around. Ahmed is unafraid to try new things, but you won't know this until you see this music video (Sahran) Ahmed actually is smart enough to sing in different dialects, he is loved in Lebanon and Egypt where it matters to be a household name. He is not short on being hip and stylish....His music video is Aal Waad Ya Kamoon which if you do not know what it means you still think it sounds like a cool funky song.

Being a Tunisian Star (there are about six mainstream stars from this country), yes your country will celebrate you. But if you do not get concerts in other Arab countries the press won't talk about you and if the press won't talk, people won't buy your music. Ahmed has just joined the league of fathers with the birth of his first son Abdallah (Read here). No wonder now we can see him scaling back on the number of gorgeous models he uses out of respect of his new bride. He just performed in a concert in Abu Dhabi in the Formula one race which confirms he is still getting gigs. On another note, Ahmed will take off his shirt in this music video so hold on your seat.

Ahmed El Shreef - Aal Waaed Ya Kamoon احمد الشريف - عالوعد يا كمون


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