Thursday, November 4, 2010

Faminist May Matar Hits Back

Mohamed Eskander had a song some women thought was backward (here is the song), the only female singer to stand up an offer a response song to debate the anti-feminists song, May Matar was ready. with her now hit song Mitlak Mich AyzeenRjal, "Man like you we do not need", a really sharp and witty song that is a worthy response to the Mohamad Eskander song.

I like the music video and the voice of the singer....the lyrics are straight out of rap battles as May takes on the men mentality of telling women to sit at home. Good job May, you look really good and so does your music video and the entire crew.

Paying homage to Lebanon and it's modern men, I like the tree concept where many Arab females feel like bonsai tree. I like the woman mechanic.

MAY MATAR - Mitlak Mich Ayzeen Rjal - directed by Ziad Najjar


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