Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nourhanne Gives Beirut Insomnia

In the West nowadays, you can count a number of talentless celebrities that you famous for being famous....they do not necessary have a gift or a talent that made them famous. I am sure you are too familiar with Paris Hilton and the Kardashian clan, the Situation and a dozen of reality stars. So now you know this is not just an American thing, we have it in Arabia....Weather you like those famous celebrities or not, you must admit they are good at building brands....and forming a fan base in the virtual world that is the envy of every other stars.

Nourhanne is the Arab response to this celebrity obsessed world, this curvy and busty woman that some sees as gorgeous is the latest sensation with the youngsters in Arabia. Nourhanne's latest is a music video titled Beirut Never Sleeps and that name is very true, the song is very upbeat and very will never sleep to the tone of this song, I LOVE the drum incorporated and I like the affects she used.

I also appreciate the background Lebanese rap throughout the song, the outfits are also new...I like the dance suits and bling you can see. The DJ they used seems to be a showman, and this time they actually developed a storyboard to this video so that's also refreshing. Nothing in the music video tells me this is an Arab capital....this might be as well be talking about NY, LA, Brussels or any other European city. The bars, the clubs, the dancers all give a fantasy, away form reality. The dudes will appreciate the gracious booty and boobs shots either on the dance floor or in that white tunnel. Here it is and remember Nourhanne rhythms with Lindsy Lohan....



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