Wednesday, November 3, 2010

when is the song is ok, and the music video is HOT

Nothing original about the lyrics....the music sounds like the best of Techno....but the music video is fun to watch, the models and the dancers are worth the money.

I did enjoy the special affects, the lights and the can tell the director of this work watches a lot of MTV videos so you know they are up to date on what's hot. That's why the music video is really special.....too bad the lyrics are really old.....

The singer whom I have no idea who he is does look really good and has a sense of fashion so I think in the Internet age he will be around YouTube for eternity.

i would hope the director of this music video would get gigs promoting fashion lines, I have not seen someone has a sense of how the camera moves and its affects on the look of the subjects....the creative director is a female and the stylist is also a female that's why the music video is fun to watch and re-watch again. Of course the main directors is Waleed Mahmoud who I have not heard of before, but sure like his work.

Abd El Aziz Kassar - Ayeshny / عبد العزيز كسار - عيشنى


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