Sunday, March 31, 2013

Watch: ليان بزلميط - بحبك يا فلسطين / Lian Bazlamit "B7ebik Ya Falastine"

The Ramallah native, the 23 year old up and coming pop star Lian Bazlamit has been thinking of bigger things than herself. Palestine, her love and her home. She has a new song that touches your heart and wamrs your soul. Something about the topic, brought the best we have heard Lian be. This is a personal song with a lot of heartache as one listens.

We still sing to Palestine since 1948, and will continue to do so. Lian is shaping up her career to be the best entertainer to come out of Palestine and continue to claim it as a homeland. Lian lives in Jordan at the moment where she goes to school.

I must show some respect to the lyricist and the composer, they have created a good thing here, something that Lian turned into a special song that will live on and be a credit to this young entertainers' career. She came a long way form her early days on Star Academy two years ago. She chose the right moment to release this song, land day in Palestine....every March 31, we are there.

ليان بزلميط - بحبك يا فلسطين / Lian Bazlamit "B7ebik Ya Falastine"


  1. the best palestinian singer in the world ♥ ♥ ♥
    love u lulu ♥ ♥

  2. lian bazlamit the best singer 4 all