Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not A Sausage Fest--The First Ever Saudi Art Festival

Citizens of the world do not equate Saudi Arabia for being the patron of art, to the contrary, they have a reputation for limiting freedom of expression in that land. But know this, the biggest Arabic music producer, promoter and marketer is Saudi Rotana. the biggest Arab TV networks are based in Saudi Arabia or funded by the Saudis.

In fairness, Saudis do these things away form home, in an effort not to offend the most religious and conservative elements in that country.--Lebanon and Egypt is where most of their work ends up being filmed and recorded.

for for the first time in their recent history, Saudi Arabia had an event where they have honored a dozen of Arab entertainers from TV and from the music scene. The organizers  said in their remarks  "We have a routine in Saudi Arabia, and we want to overcome that". The organizers boasted about producing 18 dramas last year. The city of Jaddah was the home of this event--at some hotel. Natacha the young and bubbly pop singer was the face of the festival.

I first thought the people would be in attendance are just men. But then pictures do not lie, see for yourself, the new Saudi Arabia? The event was organized under the foresight of prince Mohamed Bin Naser Al Sud, and the panel of judges was all Saudis.

مهرجان الإعلام العربي بجدة يكرم الفنانيين


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