Monday, March 11, 2013

Listen: Mothers Day Newest Song--Send Her This Song

Lebanon's heartthrob and pop star Saad Ramadan is out there romancing young ladies, but this time he slowed down and performed a song for his own mother, praying to God to keep her safe and sound. The dude really loves his mom, so he brought her along for the duet.

"This Life Is A Mother" is the title of this newly released song. It's a light song with some serious Arabic music, and they duo make it special--his mom really can sing. But Saad took the time to release this song just in time for Mother's Time. We Arabs mark this day on March 21 of each year. This is the first time a mother and a song actually sing together.

It's a cute song and the team of mother and son make it special  there are plenty of good mother day songs, this one is very lively and has a big heart, the guy is next to his mom and giving his best performance this year. Good choice for Saad, the ladies appreciate a man who appreciates on of their own.

The song has been written by Salim Assaf, Lebanon's most sensual song lyricists.

Saad Ramadan - El Denyi Em سعد رمضان - الدني ام


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