Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Now Offensive Bassem Yousef With Sex Jokes

There was a time when Bassem Yousef used to be a folk hero and a guy who told jokes by grilling the lame media. He had a good run, and we loved him for it. When he started worrying about the money, he had to watch the rating of his program. There are very few things one can grill in public, but now he has gone to great length to insult the collective IQ of his followers. 

I for once, do not watch the show and can no longer stomach the guy--I like to point out that we are the first blog to write about him. But now he is in trouble with his fans. This time, Bassem joked about sex, sexual harassment and failed to make a point. I do not watch his show, but I read about it when it makes the news. There's nothing with using sex to tell jokes, but this is something often reserved for adult audience in a private club late at night. 

I present some of the comment via his programs official Facebook page. The comments take issue with his language and crass humor. Some have accused his critics of being members of political groups that he often ridicules   

--May God Take Revenge On Him
--Low life and crude.
--This episode is garbage.   


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